“bzz” = 1) low humming sound  2) busy and full of energy

“lingua” = 1)  language

Hi there.

I’m an American that’s been living in Germany for about 17 years.  I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Texas Christian University, which perfectly complements my my work as a language teacher.

I’ve been working as a language teacher for almost 10 years.  My entrepreneurial and communicative skills can be verified with certifications. I enjoy accompanying experienced professionals and students on their learning journey.  I’m constantly educating myself. Currently I’m learning software development, mainly from the English-speaking Web. You can see more details in my Linkedin profile. I’ve already learned quite a bit, and I transfer everything I learn to my  projects.

My biggest inspiration is the extremely fast-paced technological advancement in the fields of teaching, and language learning.   The development of is in flux.  I’m always open to new, creative ways to grow and learn.