The Problem with Language Courses

There are so many language courses out there…

The problem with language courses is two-fold.  For one, language courses are often not dynamic enough to match the growing needs of the job market. There’s a huge gap between textbook knowledge and usage.  Secondly, people rely too heavily on using just one program for their success.  If this program or language class doesn’t bring desired results, people give up.  Many view course offerings with scepticism.  They’re tired of “get-rich-quick” schemes, that promise quick language fluency. We’re all individuals and we have different aptitudes.  It’s high time that language learners take responsibility for their own learning! No one should depend on just one program to reach their desired language goals.

Do I Have to Take a Language Course?

Do you have to reserve a language course or language learning vacation?  Not really.  Whether you learn something or not depends on the course.   Just because you speak a foreign language at your current level for two weeks doesn’t mean that you can master it in all situations when you get back. You learn better when you’re confronted with a problem.  If you make it easy on yourself, you’ll stay at your current speaking level.  That’s at least been my experience.  You have to be able to assess your own level of competence, and you also have to push or test that level. That takes investment and for any good investment, you need time.

The Internet provides you with the tools you need to develop your own recipe for success.  You can use the information in these pages, compare it with other solutions, and then choose what works best for you. Hopefully you’ll apply your own solution for the long-term.

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