What Can You Do for Potential Customers? (German-English)

Is Time Really Money?

We can give credit to Benjamin Franklin for phrase „Time is Money“, which  was written in “Advice to a Young Tradesman“ in 1748.

Fact of the matter is, we all want to save money. We want to minimize risks and reduce expenses. Take the example of booking a vacation. No one would want to book their vacation in hotel that’s overpriced, situated in an area plagued by crime.  We’re always on the look out for better quality.

That includes your potential customers. So it’s important to ask yourself what you can do for them. In other words, from the perspective of your potential customers, what do they get from you when they enter into a contract with you?

Here are some possible answers in German and English:

At [company name], we can help you ….

  • ….generate more repeat customers
  • ….implement a resource recovery strategy / reduce waste in production
  • ….reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with customer complaints
  • ….develop the ability to price your products or services above those of your competition
  • ….avoid the risk of not meeting your deadline
  • ….give your customers guarantees of faster installation
  • ….increase the confidence that your customers have in you

Wir bei [Ihr Unternehmen] können Ihnen dabei helfen….

  • ….mehr Stammkunden zu gewinnen
  • ….eine Verwertungsstrategie einzubringen / Produktionsruckgänge zu reduzieren
  • ….den Zeitaufwand für die Reklamationsbearbeitung zu reduzieren
  • ….eine Hochpreisstrategie zu entwickeln
  • ….das Risiko zu vermeiden, dass wichtige Termine nicht eingehalten werden können
  • ….Ihren Kunden eine schnellere Montage zu gewährleisten
  • ….Kundenvertrauen aufzubauen

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